Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Transformation Tuesday: Week 26

It's a funny one this week as despite only having a small loss I've managed to hit a major BMI target. Hang up the bunting, it's time to celebrate.

This week I obviously stuck to the plan and lost 1lb.

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But because I'm completely ridiculous I was massively disappointed with this. I don't have any specific goals I'm aiming towards with this weight loss, but it's always encouraging to reach the next half a stone or finally get into the next kilogram bracket as a tangible mini indicator of how I'm doing physically. At the moment - with a chunk of weight still to go - I don't pay an enormous amount of attention to my BMI as I'm honestly more bothered by how many pounds I lose each week. However, I've been extremely close to a significant BMI mini-goal for a while. I spent ages last week working out what weight I needed to be in order to comfortably achieve it. I had a number in mind, and knew I needed half a pound off to get there. My LighterLife counsellor said 2lbs: hence why I was so disappointed this week but tried to hide it in the session.

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Therefore in my official LighterLife record book I'm still yet to reach the mini-goal. However, I spent a good half an hour last night with a calculator and 7 different online BMI tools (ranging from LighterLife's own, to the NHS, to Slimming World etc.) and I have 100% reached my target. Every single one put me well below the limit. The mathematician hidden deep inside came out to play, and I spent the evening working out my BMI myself with a pen, paper and equation from each weekly recorded weight from the last 25 weeks. My figures only vary minutely from those recorded by my counsellor, but only because I left it all at four decimal places instead of rounding to one or none at all. It doesn't make much of a difference at all 90% of the time, but the number of decimal places each figure is rounded to has affected the accuracy of certain weeks slightly. When I'm on the border like I was this week it makes a massive difference being to one decimal place at the beginning of the equation instead of four. It sounds petty I know, but I felt so down last night and I knew this was a dangerous mindset to be in going in to a couple of days of conventional food and being surrounded by calorific Christmas treats. 

I needed the confirmation either way so I could work out a plan of attack for the next week.

As it turns out - both my pen and paper calculation and the 7 online BMI generators confirmed this even if my record book doesn't - I'm now technically classed as "overweight" and no longer "obese". YES. 

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It's a bit of a non-target, and maybe a little insignificant, but for me it's a massive deal. Given the fact that I don't really have many targets yet this was an achievable goal I was aiming for, and I was desperate to hit it before the end of the year. This way I'm starting 2015 technically "overweight" - a weight bracket on NHS charts I don't think I've ever been for my height or age before. It does feel a little hollow to reach it by spending so long with a calculator, but still. I've reached it, and that's something to be enormously proud of.

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I was feeling beyond motivated before the session last night and working this BMI out has helped exponentially. Maybe because it's coming to the end of the year and 6 months into this, but I'm inadvertently finding myself reflecting on how far I've come and realising that in terms of weight loss there really isn't too far to go now. The end of this particular chapter is finally in sight, and honestly I couldn't ask for a better Christmas present than that.

WEEK 25 LOSS: 1lb

TOTAL LOSS: 65lbs // 4st 9lbs

Thank you so much to everyone that reads these posts each week, and those that send me emails and texts of encouragement out of the blue - knowing that there are so many people supporting me is the best feeling in the world and is making every baby step of success possible for me. You're all wonderful. Have a very Merry Christmas and lovely, relaxing week with family and friends. E xxx

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