Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Transformation Tuesday: Week 144

Apologies: it's another boring and repetitive post coming up...

I'm still healing. How is that even possible?! My wound is now not really a wound at all, and has shrunk to around the size of a 5p coin (which is amazing as less than a month ago it was probably closer to two 50p coins). I am beyond excited that it's nearly fixed as it feels like it's been going on forever!

I've not had any particular breakthroughs on the diet front aside from the decision to give my metabolism a break and time to reset itself by not dieting for the foreseeable future. Instead I'll be focusing on basic healthy eating and learning to get along with my body as it is without constantly striving for some unknown and starving myself in the process. I'm taking a little break with exercise for now too as an enormous amount of walking in a dodgy pair of boots last week has caused major pains so I'm on damage control at the moment! Give it a few days and I'll be back to normal, but for now I'm taking it easy before the sharp twinges become something altogether more serious and put me out of action for longer!

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In an unexpected move on Friday I finally found some courage and decided to ditch the compression corset. I haven't technically needed it for over a month, and while I've been going without it at home I haven't been able to do exercise or go out without it on. It's turned into a comfort blanket for me, and I wasn't willing to give it up. To put it into perspective I've been wearing intense spanx for nearly 4 years and haven't gone a single day without wearing them in some form as I'd become way too scared to go out without them, convinced that my silhouette would be hideous when not squashed into an uncomfortable garment. While this was 100% true when I had all my skin - the spanx were definitely needed to hold everything in and smooth it out - now the compression corset is practically redundant. It doesn't do much any more as there's nothing to hold in, and my overall silhouette isn't really any different with it on.

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However, I was utterly convinced that my jeans wouldn't do up without a corset: in the past without spanx my skin has either got caught in the zip, required a massive ordeal to manoeuvre it into a suitable position, or it's overspilled awfully into a really attractive muffin top. As it is, my jeans did up perfectly, there's no over-spillage of any kind and I don't need anything to suck me in. What a load of worry for nothing! I've now been compression corset-free since Friday and the only downsides I've found are that my jeans keep falling down and I'm now a lot colder when I'm out as I'm missing a layer of clothing that I'd become accustomed to. As far as problems go though, it's not the end of the world! Here's to the next phase where I'm finally free of the spanx! I feel like ceremoniously burning them all, but I'm not sure that's the best plan...

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