Saturday, 1 April 2017

Quarter-Life Crisis Challenge: April 2017

I love, love, love being organised.


I'm so pleased that I chose organisation as my 12th monthly challenge as I feel like I've spent the last 31 days reconnecting with the side of my brain that relishes being ruthless while decluttering, semi-regimented with my time and simply adores labelling boxes. I've made a conscious effort each and every day to do at least one activity focused on organisation, whether it's taken me no longer than half an hour or ended up dominating the entire day.

I started by making a timetable for the weeks ahead - splitting my time into half hour slots from 5am to 9pm - and planning every day around what was already in my calendar. It's worth noting that I tried this method of time management every year around exam season from the age of 11-22 and never managed to stick to it successfully once. I've always been desperate to learn how to be this strict with my time so felt this was the perfect opportunity to give it another shot, but it turns out I'm still useless at it! I lasted maybe 3 days trying to stick to a timetable before I adjusted course and accepted that I should start doing things my way rather than trying to be someone I'm not. By no longer forcing this version of organisation on myself I was able to embrace so many other ways of sorting my life out without any added pressure and with much more success.

As a result, I made a list of everything I wanted to organise over the month and I've either completed the tasks or kick-started projects that will definitely take a little longer to finish off. My to-do list ranged from decluttering entire rooms of the house; to finally going through boxes of school books in the garage; to clearing out my wardrobe; to streamlining my laptop; to clearing my mind so I can refocus on working towards my goals. I've tackled everything head on, and while I haven't fully completed as much as I would have liked - I think I overestimated how big some of the tasks were - I've still made significant progress. I now have a half empty wardrobe, I've made friends with the ladies in the Post Office as I've eventually started using my eBay account, I've made a (small) dent in my school boxes, my laptop is almost cleared, I've worked out roughly how many bags I can carry to the charity shop from the car in just one trip (a lot, but I struggle to actually open the door to drop them off as I can't use my hands...), I've attacked a couple of rooms, halved my collection of baking equipment and I'm really starting to embrace the minimalism trend as by being so ruthless with my decluttering I'm being less inclined to have 'stuff'.

(gold stars - reading / silver dots - film / green dots - saving money / green stars - workouts / silver stars - brain-training / blue dots - learning / red stars - social media / yellow dots - organisation)

I'd say that's a month well spent! By focussing so heavily on organisation I've been able to really easily limit my social media and save money, schedule in films and workouts, and read more books again. I still need to finish my cross-stitch, so that's a high priority for April!


This month I'd like to focus on fitness. Since being cleared for exercise a month ago I've been floundering around not really knowing what I'm doing or what I'm working towards. Therefore, this month I'd like to decide on a goal and spend my time doing everything I can to either be in the process of achieving it or smash it by April 30th. I think investing seriously in my physical fitness will be extremely beneficial in the long run, and I'm more than ready for a new challenge!

So, 30 days of fitness... go!

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