Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Week 51

It's a bit of a mixed bag this week, and weirdly I'm really okay with that.

First thing's first, I gained again this week. However, unlike my last gain this one didn't trigger a meltdown at all, and while it's no way near as much as last time I think the main reason why I'm so calm is because my head's back in a really good place. I know - with an unwavering certainty - that I'm doing everything I can. I'm eating healthily, I'm drinking lots of water and I'm exercising for 30-60 minutes a day, 6 days a week. Currently I'm ticking all the right boxes so I know that a gain is most likely down to muscle/water/my body adjusting. I'm fully convinced it's not 2.5lbs of fat - I haven't done anything untoward that would merit that - so I have every faith that in time it'll sort itself out.

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It reminded me of one of my favourite quotes from The History Boys: "I'm not 'happy' but I'm not unhappy about it".

This isn't a disaster; I don't need to throw in the towel; and while yes it is less than ideal I'm really coming round to the idea that the scales aren't the be all and end all, and they definitely don't tell the full story. All of my clothes are starting to fit better than they did a few weeks ago; I have lots more energy; and I can see muscle definition in certain places. Plus, for the first time in my life - and that's not an exaggeration - my thighs don't touch when I walk. I've always dreaded the summer because of my legs, but they've shrunk dramatically recently: so clearly something's working. With that in mind, I don't see how a temporary gain is a bad thing when I'm heading in the right direction in so many other ways.

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I've stuck to the 5:2 this week - fasting at the weekend - but I really struggled with it as my energy levels dropped dramatically and it made sticking to my exercise plan tough. I need to have a real think about this over the next week or so as I want to prioritise fitness over weight loss now, and I just don't have enough in me on the fasting days to push myself properly with my exercise. I don't mind feeling faint and exhausted after a punishing 45 minutes of exercise, but 10 minutes in and when I'm only getting started just isn't right at all.

I'm loving the BBG. I've now halved the time it takes me to do each circuit so have taken to repeating them all during a workout. I can't believe that I'm exercising for the same amount of time as when I started but now I'm doing double the work in just 3 weeks. I have very little faith in my abilities with fitness - mainly because I've always been so rubbish at it all - but this is super encouraging and very motivational moving forwards.

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I fear I'm slowly turning into one of those people that enjoys exercise and constantly talks about squats, collects pairs of colourful Nike trainers and takes selfies in a gym next to a rack of weights (#fitfam). Feel free to call me out on my behaviour if that actually happens...

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The one thing I'm majorly concerned about is the food side of this 'transformation'. Now I've transitioned from full fasting on the LighterLife packs onto real food again I'm totally lost. Yes I'm eating healthily, but I don't really have a plan of attack and I am just largely stabbing in the dark. I'm so clueless when it comes to healthy eating, and to be honest the whole concept is extremely overwhelming. I have no idea what sorts of foods I'm supposed to eat at specific times, for instance after a work out (I think you have to replenish protein but I really don't have a clue), and while I'm not eating badly I still think I need educating on exactly what I should be having. I'm measuring everything I eat and logging it in my Fitbit app so I have an accurate idea of what I've had and exactly how much, but while I'm not overeating I'm none the wiser if I'm having too much or too little of certain food groups.

So, can anyone recommend any healthy eating websites/books that might be helpful? Or can you just offer any advice? I'm open to all suggestions and tips so please don't hold back! Would seeing a dietician/nutritionist be worth it, or would an online course/book do the job just as well? Anything at all to vaguely steer me in the right direction would be massively appreciated, thank you!

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I don't want to undo all of my hard work over the last 50-odd weeks because I'm not fully educated on the next stage, if that makes sense? I'm plateauing, and while that's fine to a certain extent, I want to push through now and move on. I feel like I've only scratched the surface with what I'm capable of achieving with my body, so I might as well do everything in my power to see how far I can go.

WEEK 50 LOSS: +2.5lbs
TOTAL LOSS: 75.5lbs // 5st 5.5lbs

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