Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Transformation Tuesday: Week 146

I can't remember feeling as positive as I do at the moment.

My hospital appointment went extremely well last week and I am 99% healed now, which is fabulous to say the least! I basically just have an angry red scar left over, but I can't complain at that. The nurse I saw told me to book an appointment with my surgeon in a fortnight for a final, final check up and then that should be it. I can't quite believe it will all be over in a matter of weeks!

There isn't much else to report, aside from the fact that my head is behaving extraordinarily well at the moment. So well, in fact, that I forgot how difficult I find certain scenarios and had a minor meltdown on Friday when I did too many scary things in quick succession and momentarily forgot how to deal with them without having a panic attack. I barrelled through when in hindsight I should have slowed down and processed each one properly, and as a result I felt horrendously queasy all weekend and a little panicked around the edges! I've been feeling so spectacularly positive that I (stupidly) completely forgot that I'm more than susceptible to wobbles and should have adjusted my behaviour accordingly. There's something to be said for throwing myself into things before I have time to really consider them as I know I could win a gold medal for overthinking, but I think I was a little too keen! Luckily, my head's back on safe ground now but it was a little precarious for a while!

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As far as problems go, though, this is a wonderful one to have given how awful my mental health has been in the past. Yay for progress!

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