Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Week 47

I don't really understand how I'm managing this, but I'm currently riding a wave of positivity and motivation and the results are pretty good indeed.

To repeat last week (sorry): I feel fantastic.

I'm still feeling more confident, happy and thin than ever before. It seems bonkers and I still can't work out exactly why I'm in this mood. That being said, I'm not exactly complaining!

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I genuinely don't have much to report this week, although I do have a confession. I fasted all week, instead of for just 2 days... I made the decision last Tuesday to approach LighterLife differently and thus completely take the pressure off myself. While I want to stick to a programme and do it properly, I've only been making myself feel consistently bad about the whole thing. From now on I decided to do the fasting - as planned - but approach each day as it comes, so if I wake up and want to fast I will, and if I could think of nothing worse then I won't. There's no pressure, no expectations and no stressing of any kind. This way I'm neither doing Total nor the 5:2 - it's more my version of both combined. I'm doing what feels best for me and my head.

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As it happens I made sure I fasted Tuesday and Wednesday last week (therefore I'd done the 2 days needed for the 5:2 and I'd lost my bloat and food baby from London) and then played it by ear for the rest of the week. It turns out I was so focussed that before I knew it I'd fasted for the entire week. To reiterate, I did not plan this! It just sort of happened. There was always a possibility at the back of my mind that I might, but I didn't think I'd have the willpower to fast for a full week again and not want to jump in front of a bus. Like I said, I'm super motivated at the moment, so maybe that's buoyed me along?

I'm not back on Total. Not at all! I'm just playing around with what makes me happy, and I think more fasting days would be better for me - basically a different ratio to the 5:2 but neither full fasting nor full real food. I also don't want a rigid plan in place: having no expectations this week meant I performed "better" and felt better than I have in weeks so maybe this is the way forward?

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I went back to the sessions this week and hopped on the scales for the first time in a fortnight. I've put on a pound, but given how I had a week eating essentially whatever I wanted and a weekend of meals out and cocktails I'm not complaining at all. I'd say that's a success, particularly as my head's in the game now and I'm committed to getting rid of the weight again. It's a minor speed bump, and I won't let it derail me!

So this week wasn't exactly what I thought I'd be writing about! I know I've said I didn't want to fast again in the past but it miraculously worked this week - so well - and I refuse to feel bad/guilty about that. I don't know what'll happen over the next seven days but we'll see. Given my current state of mind though, I can only imagine it'll be a roaring success whatever I end up doing. Well, hopefully!

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WEEK 46 LOSS: +1lb
TOTAL LOSS: 75.5lbs // 5st 5.5lbs

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