Monday, 13 October 2014

Manicure Monday: Figue

I have a new obsession.

Oh hello, Soigné.

Last week's break from nail polish has done my hands and nails a world of good. The stains have gone, my cuticles are finally soft again and my head's well and truly back in the Manicure Monday game again. Normal service can resume!

Over the last few months I've been seeing Soigné nail polishes popping up all over some of my favourite beauty blogs, but after a lot of searching online I couldn't find any sites to purchase the polishes on. I've been stalking the Soigné website and twitter feed a little bit obsessively, and as soon as I saw they were finally shipping to the UK I immediately set upon choosing a couple of colours and filling my basket.

To make things even more exciting, as an introductory offer Soigné currently have 15% off your first order, free delivery in the UK, and a free gift box when you order 3 polishes. So really, if you take advantage of all of these you're practically saving money… As I couldn't decide on just one colour (and ultimately convinced myself that the box set of every single one certainly wasn't necessary), 3 seemed like the perfect compromise.

I am completely converted and have found a brand that successfully rivals Essie (so in my eyes it's amazing).

My 3 polishes were delivered in the most beautiful packaging - it felt like Christmas unwrapping it all!

After much deliberation, I decided upon Figue, Le Poivre, and Sirop de Rose. I was seriously tempted by Crème Pâtissière purely because of the name, but wasn't brave enough to try a bright, vibrant custard yellow!

This week I settled on Figue, as this deep grey with a hint of purple screamed autumn to me. At first glance it definitely looks like a simple dark grey, but when the light catches it the deeper lilac undertones come through and add another dimension to a beautiful, classy colour.


This shade is utterly perfect for autumn. It's not too dark at all, and is wonderfully neutral so would work well in an office or school setting where you don't want to be too bold with your colour choices. Figue is the ideal transitional colour from autumn to winter too, and I can't recommend it enough. Unfortunately due to rubbish lighting in every room of my house today the swatches of my nails all make Figue look more brown than grey. I assure you it's nothing like that! Thanks to my nails R&R this week and the high volume of baking I've been doing, my nails are an awful lot shorter than I would have liked: claw-like long nails and pastry really don't mix! Luckily, Figue seems to suit short nails!

The formula is incredible too. It only took two coats to achieve an even finish which surprised me as the first one was so thin and uneven I was anticipating at least 3 to neaten it all out. Instead it looked sleek and professional after 2, with such a high shine that it really doesn't require a top coat (but I added a slick of my Revlon to finish the manicure off).

Soigné prides itself on the botanical formula developed free from animal testing - these polishes are made with up to 85% plant-sourced ingredients and are "5 free", i.e. free from carcinogenic ingredients such as Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor, Phthalic Acid and DBP. I don't normally pick polishes based on their eco benefits, but for those that do surely this information can only be a good thing!

There's something about having a Soigné polish on my nails that makes me want to move to Paris and spend my days reading novels, shopping and eating macarons by the Seine. Instead, I'm stuck in the middle of the rainy English countryside with a mug of tea the size of my head. A girl can dream. For now though, I'm off to make up another gift box and pick 3 more shades…


What do you think of Soigné? Is there a shade you love and would wholeheartedly recommend, or one that's the top of your wish-list? Let me know in the comments below!

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