Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Transformation Tuesday: Week 13

Finally, I'm back on track.

After last week's major wobble I'm well and truly back in the game and 100% committed once again to weight loss. This positivity has worked wonders on the scales.

I mentioned last week that I'd fallen into the spectacularly unhelpful habit of weighing myself obsessively throughout the week on my scales at home. Luckily, I managed to stop doing that this week. After weighing myself at home on Tuesday lunchtime I made sure I didn't touch the scales again. It probably helps that I've been really busy and therefore too preoccupied to even think about moving the scales into the kitchen - the hardest surface in the house - and jumping on them, but whatever the reason I'm so glad I've broken this habit.

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I knew I'd lost weight this week even if I couldn't physically see it myself in the mirror. I stuck to the LighterLife programme exactly as you're supposed to, with the only major difference for me this week being I've had a couple of cups of tea, which has upped my caffeine intake slightly. I can't see how that'd make much of a difference at all, but I've been making a note every time I put the kettle on and found my favourite mug just in case it negatively affected my weight loss and it became a factor I needed to cut out. However I had no need to worry at all - my three cups of tea this week haven't impacted at all (and rereading that paragraph highlights how ludicrous that thought process is. How dangerous can a cup of tea be?!).

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This week I lost 6lbs. Woooooop!

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What a difference a week makes!

I've been massively spurred on by how ill I felt after lapsing last weekend. Putting on 2lbs wasn't really a motivating factor for me getting back on the wagon at all - I knew that a week on LighterLife would easily correct that, and given the fact that I've not set myself an unrealistic target with regards to how long I want to be on the programme, an extra week isn't the end of the world. However I couldn't forget how utterly lousy I felt at the start of last week. I hate, hate, hate feeling ill. Knowing the obvious route of the problem I was keen not to go down that path again, and thus lapsing was not an option for me.

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My head's been in the right place. At the group session this week we discussed the link between thoughts and actions, and this couldn't have come at a better time for me. I've always felt that there's a significant connection between my thoughts and any weight loss or gain throughout the week and this week in particular supports my theory. I've been extremely motivated and positive all week - and this was reflected on the scales. In the past when I've been down and disinterested in the programme the loss has been less or I've been tempted to lapse. It might not work the same way for anyone else, but I have to be in the right frame of mind for my body to do as it's told and react accordingly.

I know that following a lapse that pulled me out of ketosis coupled with a weight gain, this week I was always going to lose a little more than normal. However I still believe that my head had something to do with it, if not in the immediate short term but in ensuring a longer term commitment to the programme. It might sound silly and my whole theory could be complete rubbish - I don't pretend to know anything official or scientific about the body or the brain - but I'm going to stick with it until someone steps forward and proves it's all bonkers.

It's safe to say I'm feeling pretty fantastic about everything!

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It's tough, but I know I can do it. Apologies for last week's pathetic post: it's business as usual now, thank goodness! Thank you to everyone who rallied round and sent me numerous messages of encouragement: you all reminded me exactly why I decided to write about this in the first place. If I'd been doing this in secret there's no way I would be coming back the week after a weight gain with a 6lb loss and raring to go. I'd definitely be ten steps back, Starbucks in hand and cursing my lack of will power.

Not any more!

WEEK 12 LOSS: 6lbs
TOTAL LOSS: 41lbs // 2st 13lbs

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