Thursday, 1 June 2017

Quarter-Life Crisis Challenge: June 2017

It's nice to finally know what the fuss is about with TED talks...


This month has been a funny one where I've felt extraordinarily positive while simultaneously overwhelmed, tired and incredibly frustrated at having to deal with a horrid bout of depression that lasted for the best part of a fortnight. As such, it's been lovely to be able to completely switch off from the outside world for twenty minutes at a time by putting in my headphones and switching on a TED talk. I didn't have a clue where to begin so settled on the 'popular talks' playlist and worked my way through it over the month. It's worked out well as I didn't manage to watch one every day but instead was able to dip in and out but still complete the list. I've learned about the likes of body language, motivation and happiness, and spent a month feeling intellectually stimulated and endlessly inspired. The talks have opened my mind in ways I didn't imagine, and it's been so much fun to discover topics I would never normally have explored on my own.

Now I have the bug I hope I'll keep visiting the website even when I don't have to as part of a challenge. I'm getting sick of the constant news cycle of negativity in the world at the moment so spending 5-20 minutes plugged in to a talk wouldn't be such a bad thing now and again. It'll help keep me off social media (which I'm thinking of removing myself from anyway...) so it's win-win all round! This month I haven't managed to do much reading or film watching, but I have finally picked up my cross-stitch again, continued with my fitness regime, and been super organised. It's been an odd one to say the least.

(gold stars - reading / silver dots - film / red dots - cross-stitch / green dots - saving money / green stars - running / silver stars - brain-training / blue dots - learning / red stars - social media / yellow dots - organisation / orange dots - dot-to-dot / round weights - fitness / round laptops - TED talks)


As I turn 25 in June the next month will be my last 30 day challenge. I wanted to pick something with an end-date again as I think I've picked up enough hobbies to keep me busy for now! I may be able to bake, but I'm a shocking cook. It's bizarre but when I'm attempting to cook the oven scares me, I can't handle the hob and any instincts I thought I'd accrued by serving my time with technical challenges and cake clubs go completely out of the window. I have no idea what I'm doing, and more often than not every dish I serve is under/over cooked, each part is a different temperature and the kitchen looks like a disaster as I've tried to use every utensil going in a mad panic. I'd like to change that over the next month by pushing myself to cook something every day. I no longer want to rely on the easiest of meals and want to actually try using herbs and spices and push myself out of my comfort zone. This is going to be much more difficult than it sounds as I really am inept!

So, for the last time, 30 days of cooking...go!

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